Class Outline

This two-day course will help you utilize the tools and features of Microsoft Project. You will learn how to create a project then manage the tasks, resources, and project schedules. You will learn how to manage reports and resource management and integrate multiple projects into completion phase.

The training covers these topics:

Introduction to Microsoft Project

  • What is Project?
  • Opening Project
  • The Many Uses for Project
  • Using a Project Template

Creating a Project Plan File

  • Plan from Start Date or Finish Date?
  • Setting the Project Calendar
  • Adding Tasks to your Plan
  • Outlining the Project
  • Showing the Project Summary Task

Structuring the Project Plan

  • Estimating Durations
  • Linking Task
  • Adjusting Task Links
  • Adding Constraints to Tasks
  • Adding Deadlines to Tasks

Adding Resources to the Project Plan

  • Understanding Resource Types
  • Building a Resource Sheet
  • Working with Resource Calendars
  • Assigning Resources to Tasks
  • Understanding Task Types and Effort-Driven

Tracking Estimated Costs

  • Viewing Resource Costs
  • Using Cost Resources
  • Adding Fixed Costs

Adjusting the Project Plan

  • Exploring Project Views
  • Using the Timeline
  • Using Multiple Timelines
  • Adjusting Work Hours
  • Adding Task Notes
  • Resolving Resource Overallocations

Finalizing the Project Plan

  • Viewing the Critical Path
  • Using Task Path Highlighting
  • Saving the Baseline
  • Viewing Initial Reports

Updating the Project Plan

  • Marking Tasks Complete
  • Adjusting Actuals
  • Marking Tasks Partially Complete
  • Showing Progress Lines
  • Comparing Actuals to a Baseline

Adjusting Project Plans

  • Changing Project Resources
  • Adjusting Task Schedules
  • Splitting Tasks
  • Delaying the Remainder of a Project

Reporting on Project Information

  • Using Built-In Reports
  • Exporting Information to Excel
  • Copying Information to Word
  • Using Visual Reports

Creating Project Templates

  • Removing Unwanted Information
  • Saving the Project as a Template
  • Using a Project Template

Customizing Project

  • Using Filters
  • Formatting a Project Table
  • Grouping Project Information
  • Using Custom Fields
  • Customizing Views
  • Building Custom Tables
  • Building Custom Reports
  • Sharing Custom Items with other Projects
  • Setting Project Options

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Resources Pools
  • Master Projects