Class Outline

This two-day instructor-led advanced Excel course teaches participants how to take complex and time-consuming tasks and automate them with code. You will learn how to use the macro recorder effectively, as well as how to write your own VBA code from scratch. You will use tools built into Excel to explore and learn VBA’s capabilities and to optimize and debug your code. As far as coding languages go, VBA is one of the easier languages to learn.

You will develop and deploy VBA modules; identify general components of VBA and their appropriate use in solving business solutions; record VBA macros to automate repetitive tasks; write VBA code to create VBA subroutines and functions; use various programming elements to solve problems through code, including variables, objects, conditional statements, and loops; eliminate, avoid, or handle errors in VBA code, and optimize its performance.

The training covers these topics:

Using VBA to Solve Business Problems

  • Use Macros to Automate Tasks in Excel
  • Identify Components of Macro-Enabled Workbooks
  • Configure the Excel VBA Environment

Recording a Macro

  • Use the Macro Recorder to Create a VBA Macro
  • Record a Macro with Relative Addressing
  • Delete Macros and Modules
  • Identify Strategies for Using the Macro Recorder

Writing VBA Code Directly

  • Write VBA Code
  • Discover Objects You Can Use
  • Create a Custom Function

Solving Problems through Code

  • Make Decisions in Code
  • Work with Variables
  • Perform Repetitive Tasks

Improving Your VBA Code

  • Debug VBA Errors
  • Deal with Errors
  • Improve Macro Performance
  • Controlling How and When Macros Run