The training covers these topics:

Getting Started with Word

  • Opening Word
  • Exploring the Ribbon
  • Using the File Tab
  • Adding Buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Removing buttons from the quick access toolbar
  • Reordering buttons on the quick access toolbar

Creating Documents

  • Creating a New Document
  • Entering Text into a New Document
  • Saving a New Document
  • Saving an Existing Document
  • Using Save As for a Copy
  • Closing a Document
  • Opening a Document

Editing Word Documents

  • Navigating within a Document Using the Mouse
  • Using the Keyboard to Navigate a Document
  • Using the Navigation Pane to Navigate a Document
  • Selecting Text
  • Overwriting, Inserting and Deleting Text
  • Using Undo and Redo
  • Moving and Copying Text
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar
  • Using the Thesaurus

Formatting Text

  • Changing Font Appearance, Sizes and Styles
  • Changing Text Color and Highlighting Text
  • Applying Effects to Text
  • Previewing Built-in Styles to your Document
  • Applying Built-in Headings
  • Copying Formats
  • Clearing Formats
  • Finding and Replacing Text Formatting

Controlling Text and Page Design

  • Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
  • Creating a Custom Bulleted List
  • Creating a Numbered List
  • Creating Indents
  • Creating Paragraph Spacing
  • Aligning Text in Paragraphs
  • Inserting a Standard Text Watermark
  • Removing a Watermark
  • Adding a Custom Watermark
  • Adding Borders and Shading to a Paragraph
  • Adding a Page Border and Color
  • Inserting Pages and Page Breaks

Using Page Setup and Printing Options

  • Working with Margins
  • Changing Page Orientation
  • Exploring Document Views
  • Immersive Reader
  • Inserting a Header and Footer
  • Using Print Preview
  • Exploring Printing Features

Inserting Clip Art, Text, and Word Options

  • Inserting Clip Art
  • Adding Symbols, Special Characters, and Icons
  • Using Autotext
  • Looking at Autocorrect Options

What People Are Saying About Us

Vanessa Boston

Really good progression on Excel Levels 1-3. Was able to take a decent survey of the capability of Excel and work on target areas like V-LookUp which were of special importance to me. You can save the Manuals Work Books for reviewing and recreating lessons as practice

Ashley Lackey

Carolyn did a great job at teaching the class and making all of the information feel manageable and easy to understand. Although the class was small and quiet she stayed engaging and thorough the entire time. I would definitely recommend this class to others!

Marissa Hogan

Carolyn was a phenomenal teacher! I learned many new things from the Excel 3 course that I took; I can’t wait to take other courses that Data Creative offers.

Mariya Petrovska

I absolutely loved the trainings I have taken with Data Creative. The instructors are very professional, easy to follow, knowledgeable and friendly. The groups are relatively small, so you get personal attention. I highly recommend them for everyone that wants to learn new skills or improve their performance.

Tony Wilson

Awesome training at a very good pace. Trainers were very open to example scenarios and unique questions. Highly recommend!

John Andrew Kenyon

Today I was took the excel level 2 class with Data Creative. The instructor was very professional and knowledgeable. He presented everything available to the lesson and more. I will definitely be taking the 3rd lesson through Data Creative.

Alejandra Cabrera

I completed the level 1 and level 2 PowerPoint training with Damian and I learned so much! I’ve been using PowerPoint for a while and had no idea that there was so much you could do with it. Damian was very easy to follow, friendly, and willing to answer any and all questions. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to fine tune their skills in PowerPoint.

Antoinette Medina

Excellent communication and class setup. Classes are well structured, not too fast-paced. Nice materials, easy to review and follow even if you do not have two screens!

Robert Chalmers

Trish was an excellent facilitator and very personable. The class, Excel Level 4, was easy to follow and she encourage us all day to ask questions! She supplied us with a lot of useful information and “extras”. I learned what I was hoping to learn and had fun doing it.

Jody Old

I took the Excel Level 1, 2, 3, and the Power Point class. I have worked with Excel for over 20 years and I am blown away on how much I thought I knew, but really didn’t know. I would recommend Data Creative to anyone who would want to learn more about what different programs can do. I will be looking forward to any other class my place of employment will want me to take through this company