This two-day instructor-led course is for creative and administrative professionals to learn how to create PDF accessible documents with Adobe Acrobat. You will receive hands-on training focusing on creating well-formed and properly structured documents in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign as well as editing existing PDF documents to create more easily readable documents for individuals with vision impairments.

Document Structure and Properties

  • Document Structure
  • Page Layout
  • Document Properties

Creating Accessible Documents in Word and InDesign

  • Using Styles and Headings in Document Creation
  • Importance of Document Tags
  • Fonts and Sizing
  • Accessible Tables
  • Hyperlinks
  • Proper use of Images/Graphics
  • How formulate an accessible ALTernative-TEXT
  • Color and Contrast
  • Exporting to PDF

Adobe Acrobat Pro Features

  • Checking Document Properties
  • Use Content, Order, and Tags Panels
  • Touch Up Reading Order Tool
  • Identifying the proper tag type for each content item
  • Manual and Automatic Tagging
  • Adding and Editing Tags

Accessibility Checker

  • Checking accessibility using Adobe Acrobat and PDF Accessibility Checker 3 (PAC3)
  • Understanding and Resolving Error Messages